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Where Is the Generic Diovan? (Pharmalot blog)
“Late last year, Ranbaxy Laboratories reached a much-anticipated settlement with the U.S. government over manufacturing problems that resulted in a consent decree and a $500 million reserve fine,” blogger Ed Silverman writes. As a part of the deal, the generic giant agreed to withdraw more than two dozen drugs. Recently, however, Ranbaxy suggested the list did not include a copycat of Novartis’ superstar hypertension drug, Diovan (valsartan), Silverman writes. With Diovan bringing in a whopping $5.7 billion, Ranbaxy investors celebrated the disclosure. “For the moment, though, the absence of a generic Diovan only adds to the uncertainty surrounding Ranbaxy’s ability to recover from its long-standing manufacturing woes and haggling with the FDA,” Silverman adds.