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Google: Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lens in Early Stage of Development

Jan. 20, 2014

Researchers at Google are in the early stages of developing a prototype contact lens that can read blood glucose levels through a person’s tears, the tech giant announced Thursday. The company hopes to provide versions both for patients who wear prescription glasses or lenses and those who don’t, sources at Google tell Device Daily Bulletin.

The lens consists of two layers of soft contact lens material ensconced around a wireless chip and a miniature version of a blood glucose sensor and will work in conjunction with an app, developers say. The company is in the process of finding partners to develop and market the app, which will communicate readings from the lens to patients and doctors.

Plans are for the lens to take blood glucose readings at one second intervals. It will have a warning system utilizing LED lights to warn patients of glucose levels above and below a certain threshold.

Google says it is in talks with the FDA about the lens and will share the results of multiple clinical studies with the agency. — Lena Freund

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