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Novo Nordisk Launches Mini Needle for Diabetics

Jan. 21, 2014

Novo Nordisk has launched its NovoFine Plus in Canada, the first of several countries slated to get the “ultra-thin, ultra-short” universal pen needle for patients with diabetes in 2014 and 2015.

The breadth of two human hairs and just 4 mm long, NovoFine Plus is Novo Nordisk’s shortest needle and designed to lessen pain and the risk of intramuscular injection, the Danish drugmaker said Monday.

“We know needle anxiety can be a real barrier when people with diabetes start insulin therapy, and in some people this fear really compromises their treatment,” said Jesper Kløve, senior vice president for device R&D at Novo Nordisk. The new needle uses SuperFlow technology, providing quicker injections with less force, the company said.

Unlike longer needles, NovoFine Plus can penetrate the skin at a 90 degree angle and inject without the need for a skin fold. It is compatible with all major diabetic pens, according to the company. — Meg Bryant

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