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MITA Launches Imaging Forward Campaign

March 4, 2014

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance is touting recent advances in medical imaging and how innovations benefit patient care in a multimedia campaign called Imaging Forward.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the medical and cost benefits of newer imagers and reversing a years-long downward trend in government reimbursement for imaging procedures. According to MITA, Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have cut imaging rates multiple times since 2006, despite the advances such as low-dose computed tomography, which can detect tumors the size of a grain of rice and has been shown to reduce lung cancer deaths by 20 percent.

Imaging Forward “puts a long overdue spotlight on the myriad ways in which imaging has transformed patient care and, more broadly, the practice of medicine by helping to improve diagnosis and treatment, avoid unnecessary procedures and lower costs by minimizing unnecessary procedures,” said MITA executive director Gail Rodriguez.

The campaign will make utilize MITA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as video on sites such as Instagram and Vine, MITA spokeswoman Rachel Ryan said. — Lena Freund 

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