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Valeritas Reports Positive Results in Studies of V-Go Insulin Delivery Device

Oct. 26, 2015

Valeritas reported that its V-Go disposable insulin delivery device demonstrated compliance and efficacy in two retrospective analyses.

The device is a wearable, basal-bolus insulin delivery solution that enables patients with diabetes to administer a continuous, preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours. It also provides on demand bolus dosing at mealtimes with U-100 fast acting insulin. 

The first study found that patients who switched their insulin delivery system to V-Go showed both an increase in compliance and efficacy, and needed less insulin as well.

The second study found that A1C and insulin requirements were reduced in patients after an average of six months following a switch to V-Go who were previously not controlled on basal or basal-bolus subcutaneous insulin injections. — Michael Cipriano