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Novocure’s Optune Shows Positive Results in Phase 3 Study

Nov. 24, 2015

Novocure’s Optune shined in a Phase 3 study that evaluated the use of the system in combination with chemotherapy for the treatment of glioblastoma, according to data announced by the oncology company.

Patients treated with tumor treating fields and second line chemotherapy saw their risk of death drop by 31 percent versus those treated with second line chemotherapy alone.

Further, those treated with TTFields and Avastin (bevacizumab) saw their risk of death reduced by 39 percent compared with patients receiving the drug alone.

In the U.S., Optune is intended for adults aged 22 and older with glioblastoma multiforme. It also is indicated for adults to treat newly diagnosed supratentorial glioblastoma after maximal debulking surgery and the completion of radiation therapy plus chemotherapy. — Michael Cipriano