Neose, Novo Nordisk Announce Preclinical Data on GlycoPEGylated Factor VIIa


Neose Technologies and its collaborative partner, Novo Nordisk, announced preclinical data relating to GlycoPEGylated recombinant Factor VIIa.

Factor VII/VIIa is used in the treatment of bleeding episodes and for the prevention of bleeding during surgery or invasive procedures in patients with congenital hemophilia with inhibitors to coagulation factors VIII or IX, Neose and Novo Nordisk said.

According to the companies, preclinical data demonstrated that GlycoPEGylation prolongs the active half-life of recombinant activated Factor VII.

GlycoPEGylated Factor VIIa, currently in Phase I, is being developed by Novo Nordisk under a license from Neose, the companies said.