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MedStar Licenses InVent IP Rights to InnoVital

Dec. 4, 2013

Washington, D.C.-based MedStar Health has signed a deal licensing to InnoVital Systems the intellectual property rights to the artificial muscle technology that it hopes will power the InVent diaphragm assist device. The device is designed to allow patients with respiratory compromise stemming from neuromuscular diseases such as ALS to live active and ventilator-free lives.

The device is the first of its kind, said InnoVital CEO Greg Hiemenz. “Unlike what has been done in the past, like a pacing system, we’re mechanically lowering the diaphragm,” he told Device Daily Bulletin.

Neither company would comment on the specific terms of the deal, but Heimenz did say that it would assure full protection of that patent space and that MedStar will benefit from royalties on the device. — Lena Freund

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