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Smith & Nephew Launches Durafiber AG Wound Dressing in the EU

Dec. 13, 2013

British devicemaker Smith & Nephew Thursday announced the European debut of its Durafiber AG wound dressing for medium and heavily infected or noninfected exuding wounds.

Durafiber AG combines the antimicrobial properties of a seven-day release of silver with a fiber dressing that expands and gels when placed on a wound to retain moisture and resist shrinkage. According to S&N, the dressing’s unique properties not only provide greater structural integrity but also let it contour more naturally to the wound, creating a better healing environment while reducing the chance of infection and shedding of the dressing’s fibers.

S&N launched Durafiber AG in the U.S. in September and hopes to make it available in future in other markets around the world. — Lena Freund

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