Editor's Picks

EMA Provides New Financial Perks for Large Orphan Drugmakers

In a boost for Big Pharma, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has raised the fee-reduction rate for non-small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking assistance on non-pediatric-related protocol from 40 percent to 75 percent, in line with recommendations by the agency’s orphan medicinal products panel. Read More

MedStar Licenses InVent IP Rights to InnoVital

Washington, D.C.-based MedStar Health has signed a deal licensing to InnoVital Systems the intellectual property rights to the artificial muscle technology that it hopes will power the InVent diaphragm assist device. Read More

Sitoa Global Signs Letter of Intent With UCSF

Sitoa Global and the University of California San Francisco have signed a letter of intent to negotiate an option agreement for the license of a stereotactic device to deliver stem cells directly into the brain. Read More