Human Error Reduction Workshop

Dr. Ginette Collazo, a 15-year veteran of helping drug, biologic and device firms reduce manufacturing errors by 50 percent or more, will conduct a one-of-a-kind workshop that teaches quality managers and manufacturing excellence professionals how to reduce errors and improve quality metrics.

Attention, memory and decision making errors are directly associated with cognition overload and mistakes. This course explores the human mind, human factors and cognitive overload in GMP related environments.

Based on her ground-breaking research, Dr. Collazo explains how small improvements in the process can reduce errors associated with cognitive overload.

Dr. Collazo recently worked with a drug manufacturer that had a baseline rate of 4.7 errors per thousand units manufactured. But with effective human error reduction strategies, the error rate was reduced to 1.9.

A 60% reduction achieved in just 10 months.

In addition to Dr. Collazo’s analysis of how and why errors occur, this workshop features multiple interactive exercises allowing you to work in small groups with your colleagues to tackle common manufacturing problems associated to cognition and mental processes.

Dr. Collazo will work with the small groups and help form solutions manufacturers can take back to their facilities.

Some of the interactive exercises you will work on include:

  • How to perform a cognitive load assessment. Participants will begin the course by learning how to perform a cognitive load assessment to reduce errors. Attendees will also be provided examples of poor human factor, engineering and workplace conditions that contribute to errors.
  • Human error reduction techniques. Participants will be taught how and when to apply engineering controls to correct and prevent errors. Participants will work with fellow attendees to create and analyze results through the use of a box plot chart.
  • Human error investigation. Participants will be taught the proper steps to take for an effective human error investigation from beginning to end. They will be taught how to gather data when analyzing cognitive load. They will also be taught how to perform an effective interview and how to properly report issues to management in a way that they will listen.

Through the use of a case study, participants will conduct a full cognitive load assessment including a root cause analysis and CAPA development plan.