Oct. 23, 2017

Vol. 14 No. 204

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Sales of Customized Dietary Supplements Blocked by Federal Judge

Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen entered a consent decree in the FDA’s legal case against Custompax, banning sales by the company. Read More

EMA Details Brexit Continuity Plan and Staff Retention Efforts

The official selection of one of 19 potential host cities for the EMA is expected to be announced Nov. 20. Read More

Judge Invalidates Patents Allergan Transferred to Native American Tribe

The judge said the result of the arrangement could be the end of the IPR program. Read More

CHMP Recommends One Generic, Six Label Expansions at Latest Meeting

The committee recommended expanding indications for Alecensa, Bydureon, Cubicin, Faslodex, Pegasys and Zytiga. Read More

NIH Teams Up With Biopharma for Cancer Moonshot

Emerging immunotherapies have produced dramatic results in combating cancer, but they don’t work for everyone. Read More