Print Edition - Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Standards & Controls

April 2011
Published by Euromed Communications, this manual covers the entire spectrum of industrial pharmaceutical microbiology. Connect instantly with regulations and current best practices on everything from disinfectants to sterility testing, environmental monitoring and hazard analysis.

With chapters written by more than 30 internationally recognized experts in the field, you’ll find clear, practical and up-to-date guidance for handling virtually every compliance and operational challenge associated with pharma microbiology.

Order now for more than 500 pages of vital reference, including:

  • The “qualified person’s” role in microbiological quality assurance
  • How to prevent and eliminate microbial biofilms in the manufacturing environment
  • Practical guidance on statistics and statistical process control
  • The most effective ways to select and use cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • How to validate aseptic processing and media fills
  • The role of the microbiologist in hazard analysis and critical control points
  • International disinfectant testing protocols
  • Information on new and emerging sterilization technologies

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Table of Contents

  • The role of the Qualified Person in microbiological quality assurance
  • Safety in microbiology
  • Statistics and statistical process control in pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Microbiology of water as an ingredient and product

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