Reportedly Trained or Truly Trained: Developing GMP Training that Works

January 2008
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This unique report details what your training program must include to be effective including:

  • Two areas that should become your training focus and will yield a return on investment
  • Four root causes of inadequate training
  • Three domains of educational activity
  • Four ways that adult learners effectively perceive information
  • The six levels of learning and how to determine which level is appropriate for specific tasks
  • How to weigh the four-level model of learning evaluation to ensure training is achieving its intended objective

Plus, when you order Reportedly Trained or Truly Trained: Developing GMP Training that Works, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify what the FDA describes as "reportedly trained" and gain valuable perspective on the relevance of training effectiveness before it's too late
  • Determine the true intent of FDA and European Union regulations when it comes to employee qualification and training effectiveness
  • Discover two areas that should become your training focus so that your company's training efforts are deeper than the documentation
  • Determine the common root causes of ineffective training and how to correct and prevent them
  • Discover why training as a corrective action can sometimes be detrimental to the integrity of your training system
  • And much more!

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