Print Edition - 50 Best Practices for Clinical Trials: Lessons for Sponsors and Sites

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April 2012
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The key to successful clinical trials is simple: Follow best practices.

Suppose you had access to the very best clinical trial practices from across the country and around the world ... a desktop reference filled with lessons learned ... step-by-step advice set forth in the language you understand — plain English.

This collection from FDAnews draws on the experience of thousands of trial sites worldwide. They’re compiled from stories that first appeared in Clinical Trials Advisor newsletter, the industry’s trusted source of management and compliance guidance.

Ideas you never thought of. Practical tips and expert guidance that turn mediocre trial sites into top performers and ease the path to new-product approval. Ideas that help you:

  • Design trials that pass FDA muster
  • Manage trial data more efficiently
  • Improve clinical practices
  • Gain deeper understanding of trial investigators’ responsibilities
  • Bring risk under control and avoid liability
  • Survive audits and FDA inspections
  • Understand key differences between US and foreign regulatory systems
  • Learn how to know when it’s time to pull the plug on unsuccessful trials
  • Implement more effective trial oversight
  • Discover tools and tactics for improving recruitment and retention
  • Avoid problems posed by recent FDA guidances
  • And much more

Whether you’re tightening up trial operations ... or just checking how others address the challenges you face ... 50 Best Practices for Clinical Trials is the perfect starting point. Order your copies now.

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