PDF Edition - China’s Guidebook for Pharmaceutical Patent Protection

April 2012

Today, hundreds of drug companies are operating joint ventures in China. Unfortunately, many of these companies are risking their rights because they’ve opted not to file for patents in China.

Certainly, China’s patent law is complex and radically different from Western standards in regard to judicial protections and remedies. Plus, patent rights are overseen by multiple government agencies, so it’s hard to know who covers what.

But despite the challenges of filing patents in China, the risks for not filing them include losing your intellectual property rights as local counterfeiters and copycats co-opt your products — and your profits.  You don’t have to take that risk.

With this resource developed by Access China Management Consulting Ltd., FDAnews offers non-Chinese companies the know-how to move into China’s lucrative pharmaceuticals market without giving up their intellectual property rights.

Written in English, China’s Guidebook for Pharmaceutical Patent Protection pulls together regulatory, social and market insights that reveal what overseas companies must know to protect their patents under Chinese law. Step by step, you’ll benefit from the practical guidance you need to prepare to enter the market with the strongest possible intellectual property strategy.

Buy now to get the knowledge necessary for preventing China’s pharmaceutical counterfeiters and copycats from stealing your intellectual property, including:

  • How China’s patent authorities and judicial system are organized
  • How the Chinese patent system works and what laws and administrative regulations relate to pharmaceuticals
  • What pharmaceutical subject matter is patentable in China
  • Administrative protection for patent rights
  • Civil judicial procedures and remedies for infringement of patent rights
  • Criminal penalties for infringement of patent rights
  • Case studies and comparative analyses of patent infringement disputes
  • English translations of Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China

From the types of patents to pursue, to lessons from the real-world experience of major pharma companies, this guidebook shows you exactly what it takes to keep your own company from running afoul of China’s very different rules for intellectual property.

China’s Guidebook for Pharmaceutical Patent Protection is offered by FDAnews in PDF format.

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