Print Edition - A Process Approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Systems: A Guide to ICH Q10 Compliance

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June 2012
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The FDA adopted ICH Q10 for good reason: The lifecycle approach to drug GMP promises to improve quality across the board.

A pity, then, that most drugmakers didn’t use a lifecycle approach when ICH Q10 made its bow ... and didn’t have a clue as to how to begin.

Many still don’t.

But worry not — help is at hand.

This management report from FDAnews helps you bring your drug manufacturing quality systems into compliance.

A Process Approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Systems: A Guide to ICH Q10 Compliance is written by Lothar Hartmann, PhD, and Thomas L. Peither, two pharmaceutical industry veterans with more than 25 years of combined experience.

In only an hour or so of study, you’ll discover how to look beyond the multiple silos that so easily develop around individual drugmaking activities. You’ll be ready to begin instilling new problem-solving approaches at every level of your manufacturing operations.

A Process Approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Systems walks you step by step through the processes and procedures you’ll need to put in place. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to restructure your quality systems to satisfy GMP, and specifically ICH Q10
  • Sample key performance indicators and assessment schedules
  • Strategies to ensure management buy-in at every level
  • Developing effective process maps — a step-by-step approach
  • Establishing meaningful quality objectives
  • Integrating the quality system throughout the entire product lifecycle

The lifecycle process approach is an orderly and effective way of taming the quality system. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll wonder why you waited. Get started now. Order your copy of A Process Approach to Pharmaceutical Quality Systems.

Lothar Hartmann, PhD, was involved in the ICH development processes as a representative of industry. He is now head of quality for Crucell Switzerland AG, a J&J company.
Thomas L. Peither has been a GMP consultant for 18 years and is an expert in the European GMPs. He co-founded the GMP publishing company Maas & Peither (Germany, USA) and the midsize pharma consulting company Halfmann Goetsch Peither (Switzerland, Germany, Singapore), which advises numerous pharmaceutical companies.

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