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EU Pharmacovigilance: 2012 Compliance Guide

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June 2012
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The new EU pharmacovigilance directives that took effect last year forced myriad changes in the way you do business in Europe. New and changed definitions. New regulatory bodies. New reporting requirements.

Right away, companies faced two major challenges: 1) Adoption of good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP), and 2) creation of pharmacovigilance system master files to supplant detailed descriptions of pharmacovigilance systems currently in use.

Fortunately, help is at hand.

This standout management report from FDAnews could not have come at a better moment. Just look at some of the changes you face with Europe’s new European regulatory regime:

  • Creation of a new pharmacovigilance risk assessment committee (the so-called PRAC, comparable to an FDA risk advisory committee)

  • Enhanced monitoring of risk management programs to assure compliance based on a product’s marketing authorization

  • Requirements that you inform international regulatory bodies of safety-related issues prior to, or simultaneous with, public disclosures

  • Enhanced priority on signal detection, with MAHs required to evaluate all pharmacovigilance information and take necessary appropriate measures

  • Possible requirements for MAHs to submit protocol and progress reports to member states for Post Authorization Safety Studies (PASS)

  • Internet sharing of information among MAHs and regulatory authorities

The EU Pharmacovigilance: 2012 Compliance Guide is not a theoretical document, though – far from it. It’s loaded with the sort of practical how-to guidance that gets you off the bench and into the game. Guidance like:

  • How to put in place good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP)
  • What pharmacovigilance system master files are and how to create them
  • Changes in key definitions the new regs will make
  • A walk-through of the new EU Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment  Committee and how it will function
  • A rundown on new requirements for informing international regulatory bodies of safety-related issues
  • And much more

With so much of the drug and biologics trade depending on global sales, it’d be foolhardy to stick your head in the sand regarding these new EU regs. Don’t take the risk of failing to comply. Order your copies of the 2012 Compliance Guide today.

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