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Single User - DVD - Global Compliance Investigative Services

August 2014
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Meet Global Compliance Investigative Services, a GMP refresher program — based on the popular TV genre of police procedural dramas.


The program follows an investigative service team as they try to determine the root cause of three cGMP incidents.

Through the investigations, three key rules are emphasized:

  • Investigate thoroughly to find the root cause of the problem
  • Check anything out of the ordinary in your processes
  • Ensure quality by following procedures 

At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recognize and recall that there are quality systems providing checks and balances in all departments to ensure products are safe and effective
  2. Recognize that change control is a critical process and changes must be reviewed, approved and communicated
  3. Recognize and describe that deviations in the manufacturing process must be investigated to ensure the quality and purity of drug products

The Global Compliance Investigative Services training kit includes:

  • Three 13-minute training videos on a single DVD (View Samples)
  • Copy of the trainer script
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Discussion Guide and Answer Key
  • Knowledge Assessment and Answer Key

The DVD includes two versions of the same training episodes:

  • V.1 is ideal for group training. Put the DVD in the slot and watch the scenarios play out, with pauses for discussion and interaction.
  • V. 2 is suited to individual training. The entire presentation plays without pause.

Both V.1 and V.2 are included on one DVD. The Leader’s Guide and trainer script supplement V.1. A knowledge assessment, also included, may be used with both versions to reinforce the Global Compliance Investigative Services message., designer of this training program, is widely recognized for its GMP training for pharmaceutical manufacturers, focusing on regulatory compliance.

You’d pay thousands of dollars to create this custom staff training. This 39-minute video presentation and training package does the job — for far less.

Global Compliance Investigative Services is available as a kit including DVD and supplementary training materials.

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Scenario 1: the Gritty Water Supply

Scenario 2: Do Particles Matter