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Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly brings you fresh information about changes in 150,000 trials in 185 countries around the world.

We’ll tell you what companies are starting and stopping trials, and what conditions they’re studying, complete with information about the size of the study and the age of the study subjects. We’ll tell you what trials are in the planning stages and which ones are advancing. And we’ll tell you, country by country, where the changes are happening.

Keeping up with all of this can be a full-time job. But we make it easy for you.

Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly sorts through tens of thousands of records and extracts just the information you need. You’ll be able to scan all the changes and drill down using links in the newsletter to just the ones you need, saving you hours of effort.

Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly breaks that down into nine, detailed tables in sortable spreadsheet format, perfect for analysis, and an easy-to-read pdf. You’ll get:

Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly
Subscribers Get

  • 52 issues per year
  • Sortable and comprehensive clinical trial data presented in a spreadsheet format
  • Clinical trial data that is current and
    up-to-date every week
  • All trials directly link to website for more information
  • All new, first-time sponsors launching studies in the past week
  • All new studies launched during the past week
  • All studies that are newly under planning in the past week
  • All studies that reported results in the past week
  • All studies that reported a new status in the past week
  • All studies that are ended or halted during the past week
  • All studies opening their first site in a new country in the past week
  • All studies expanding the number of sites in a country in the past week
  • Total number of new study sites in each country

How is this data useful to you:

  • You’ll identify new trial sponsors for collaboration, new investment opportunities or competitive research.
  • You’ll quickly identify all new studies while they are in the planning stages. You'll be the first to know when a study moves forward.
  • You’ll find out the details of each new study coming on line, including the size, expected duration and the age of the subjects being recruited.
  • You can track studies you’re interested in as they pass through the sequence of stages, from planning and recruitment to follow-up and completion.
  • You’ll find out when studies are halted prematurely. There are many reasons for an unsuccessful end to a study, such as unexpected side effects, strategic decisions, study subject recruitment issues or lack of funding. You'll always be aware when this is happening in one of your areas of interest.
  • You’ll know when sponsors are expanding their presence in any given country and when sponsors are moving into new countries, so if a company enters your market or a market you’re interested in, you’ll have complete details, including contact information if you want to know more or reach out for collaboration.

Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly was developed by Johan Karlberg, MD, PhD, BSc. After spending more than 10 years running the Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Hong Kong, where he helped to manage more than 640 sponsored trials, he decided to create the ultimate, affordable clinical trials intelligence resource. Whether you’re a sponsor, a CRO, an investigator, academic center or analyst — as long as your job requires you to understand what's happening with clinical trials — Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly is for you.

Our Guarantee: Try Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly and if at any time during your subscription this publication does not suit your needs, you can request a refund of the entire balance of your subscription.

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