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RenovaCare Wins Patent Battle With Avita Medical

Feb. 27, 2018

The US Patent Office dismissed a challenge to RenovaCare’s patents by Avita Medical and denied Avita’s request for a trial. The PTO noted Avita’s arguments “were based on old claims and technologies which had already been considered and rejected.”

The case relates back to an inter partes review petition filed by Avita Medical last May against RenovaCare’s patent No. 9,610,430.

RenovaCare is developing the SkinGun and CellMist system, designed to use a sample of stem cells collected from a patient’s healthy skin. The cells are isolated and placed into a water-based solution in a syringe, which is then attached to the device and sprayed over the wounded area.

The technique delivers a “cell mist” of small regenerated cell colonies that create an epithelial skin layer.

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