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IFPMA Updates Ethics Code to Ban Gifts from Drugmakers

Dec. 17, 2018

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Association last week called for a global ban on gifts and promotional aids for prescription drugs in any country its members operate.

The trade group introduced the ban in the 2019 edition of its Code of Practice, its first revision since 2012. The updated version prohibits personal gifts such as sporting or entertainment tickets as well as providing or offering cash or cash equivalents.

The new version also removes exemptions for national or cultural traditions such as condolence payments. While the code bans nonmonetary gifts for the promotion of prescription-only drugs, it allows for promotional aids “of minimal value and quantity” for over-the-counter drugs if they’re relevant to a healthcare provider’s practice. Providers can accept pens and notepads in the context of company organized events, but only as necessary to take notes during the meeting and without the names of any specific medicines.

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