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Garmin to Develop Wearables for Remote Patient Monitoring

Dec. 17, 2018

Garmin International is teaming up with ActiGraph to link Garmin wearables with ActiGraph‘s CentrePoint data analytics platform for academic research, clinical trials and remote patient monitoring.

ActiGraph provides wearable accelerometry monitors and software for data monitoring, analysis, and management. Considered the gold standard in objective, physical activity measurement, ActiGraph monitors are used at more than 1,500 pharmaceutical, academic, and scientific institutions in over 85 countries.

Garmin notes that the use of wearables as health and medical tools is rapidly evolving and the company is “committed to the development of wearables that can lead to the detection of serious health conditions.”

Combining the sensor data from Garmin wearables with the data capture and analytical expertise of the ActiGraph platform “creates a powerful solution for many different patient monitoring applications,” said said Travis Johnson, Garmin Health’s global product lead.

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