FDAnews Device Daily Bulletin


Sept. 7, 2005

Chicago-based Molecular Diagnostics announced that David Weissberg has assumed the position of chief executive officer of the company. Molecular Diagnostics said that Weissberg, founded funded and helped successfully build several medical practices and service-related businesses.

"Over the next two months there will be many announcements including management additions and expansion of previously developed relationships and new business opportunities," said Weissberg.

"We are going to expand the board of directors, bringing on individuals from this field that are interested and who will be proactive in the successful development and commercialization of Molecular's technology," Weissberg added. "We will be expanding our personnel with individuals that can lead commercialization projects for each of the two products that are close to market ready: the FDA approved e2 Collector, and the AIPS automated microscopy platform."

Molecular Diagnostics develops cancer screening systems to be used in a laboratory or at the point-of-care to assist in the early detection of cervical, gastrointestinal and other cancers.

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