Provectus Pharmaceuticals has announced that the first breast cancer patient has completed treatment in the company's Phase I trial of PV-10 (also known as Provecta). The trial is designed to evaluate the safety and preliminary efficacy of PV-10 in five patients with recurrent breast carcinoma. Each patient enrolled in the study is having PV-10 injected into one or more tumors, which are observed for a period of one to three weeks thereafter. The patients then undergo standard surgery to remove their tumors, allowing thorough assessment of the effects of PV-10 in breast cancer tissue and surrounding normal tissue.

PV-10 is an agent that is retained in tumor cells while leaving normal tissue unharmed, thereby killing the tumor and sparing healthy tissue. Preliminary response data from metastatic melanoma patients undergoing similar treatment with PV-10 have been comparable to that observed in preclinical studies of melanoma, breast carcinoma and liver cancer.