AmpliMed has begun enrollment of patients in the Phase Ib component of a Phase Ib/II clinical trial to evaluate its lead candidate, Amplimexon (imexon inj.), as a stand-alone therapy in patients with multiple myeloma whose disease has begun to progress following at least two prior therapeutic campaigns, either conventional or experimental. The study is open at two centers in the U.S.

Cell-based studies have shown that Amplimexon induces programmed cell death (apoptosis) in certain myeloma cell lines and in fresh myeloma cells taken from patients. Amplimexon may have the potential to slow or prevent the progression of myeloma without causing further bone marrow damage in patients in whom prior therapy has already caused serious damage. This clinical trial has been designed to determine the tolerance of escalating doses of Amplimexon in this patient population, and to provide guidance on dosing for future clinical studies in multiple myeloma patients.