Cytochroma has announced that CTA002, a novel vitamin D analog and inhibitor of the CYP24 enzyme, in combination with a standard cytotoxic agent, demonstrated potent anticancer activity in a xenograft prostate model. Using the LNCaP prostate model, Cytochroma was able to demonstrate a significant effect on tumor suppression with CTA002 in combination with paclitaxel. After one month, this combination resulted in tumor growth suppression of 99 percent by the end of the treatment period compared to 82 percent using paclitaxel alone.

More significant were the lasting tumor-suppressing effects that were evident 28 days after the treatment ended. Tumor growth suppression using the combination of CTA002 and paclitaxel was maintained at 89 percent compared to only 45 percent using paclitaxel alone. Equally encouraging was the observation that body weight continued to increase in the combination treatment arm and the drug regimen was well-tolerated with none of the animals demonstrating any clinically observed toxic side effects.