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May 31, 2006

Post market Quarterbacking: The Lazy Person's Science (DrugWonks.com)
Most adverse events are the result of dumb prescribing, dumb patients or both. At least that's what blogger Robert Goldberg writes in his short, but pointed, assessment of postmarket surveillance. Co-blogger Peter Pitts offers up an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal on the same topic.

Good Time to Move on Plan B (EyeOnFDA.com)
If Lester Crawford was the obstacle to approving Barr Pharmaceutical's controversial Plan B oral contraceptive for OTC status, why hasn't anyone else at the agency picked up the ball? Blogger Mark Senak raises that question and others about Plan B in his May 30 posting.

Grading the FDA (Pharma Marketing Blog)
In the wake of a recent survey revealing that the public gives the FDA a "C," the pharmaceutical industry needs to do a better job communicating risk information in DTC advertising, according to blogger John Mack. The industry also needs to help the FDA frame guidelines and regulations for doing this.