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Bayer vs. Merck KgAA (In the Pipeline)
In his humorous entry, blogger Derek Lowe discusses the current squabble between Bayer and Merck KgAA to acquire Schering AG.

Breast Cancer Treatment in the Pipeline (The Pharm Voice)
Aromasin been identified as an effective treatment the 80 percent of breast cancers known as oestrogen-positive, but not for the more aggressive HER2 form of the disease. In her entry, blogger Gloria Gamat writes about the development of the medication.

Continuing Ketek Woes (Drug Injury Watch)
Sanofi-aventis recently suspended its trial of respiratory tract infection drug Ketek, citing the possible risk of "severe, life-threatening and in some cases fatal" liver toxicity. In his entry, blogger Tom Lamb cites the various news reports spawned by the suspension and anticipates what the FDA's future actions will be in regard to the medication.