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June 23, 2006

A New Study and COX-2 Drug Lawsuits (Drug Injury Watch)
Will an article in the June 2006 edition of the journal Circulation — which states that the COX-2 drugs Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx can be dangerous when used by people who have survived a heart attack — affect lawsuits related to these drugs? In his entry, blogger Tom Lamb describes the study and muses on its ramifications.

The Continuing Debate on the Drug Approval Process (DrugWonks.com)
Blogger Peter Pitts provides a link to an op-ed piece that he and Robert Goldberg wrote for the Washington Times, in which the two discuss the Critical Path Initiative and the negatives of the current drug-approval process.

Part D, Chain Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacies (Drug Channels)
A recent Wall Street Journal article states that "Part D reimbursement rates — which are set by insurance companies but reviewed by the government — vary widely but are usually so low that many independent pharmacies worry they will be put out of business," notes blogger Adam Fein. In his entry, Fein discusses the Part D issue, citing his June 18 blog entry about the relationship between chain pharmacies and PBMs.