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June 28, 2006

Effects of Zocor's Pricing Change (Drug Channels)
Who are the winners and losers in the continuing Zocor-pricing issue? In his entry, blogger Adam Fein reports on who will be positively or negatively affected by Merck's lowering of the cholesterol drug's price.

Retroactive Criticism Doesn't Help (DrugWonks.com)
"The latest broadside against the FDA is by Congressman Waxman, who argues the FDA is doing a lousy job by not prosecuting and attacking companies who are producing inferior products, engaging in mislabeling or selling suspicious goods … I call it regulation by body count, since it requires people to die or be harmed in order for a regulatory or enforcement act to take place," writes blogger Robert Goldberg. In his entry, Goldberg decries recent FDA criticism as too heavy-handed and after-the-fact.