Roche to Invest in Two New Manufacturing Facilities

May 19, 2014

As other drugmakers are cutting costs, Roche said on Monday that it would invest $134.6 million in two new manufacturing facilities at its Basel, Switzerland, headquarters.

The company said $95.35 million will go to a new facility for chemically manufactured medicines, and it is expected to open at the start of the third quarter of 2016.

It will spend $39.25 million on expanding and refitting a current manufacturing unit to produce existing investigational drugs and medicines. This facility should be ready next June, Roche said.

This investment will bring the company’s current manufacturing expenses to more than $1 billion. Roche announced last October they will be spending $880 million on manufacturing over the next five years, a move that will create 500 jobs. They will build a new plant in Switzerland, and expand plants in the U.S. and Germany, upgrades that will roll out over 5 years, the company said. — Kellen Owings

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