Qiagen and Lilly Further CDx Collaborations

June 2, 2014

Qiagen and Eli Lilly Friday announced their fourth collaboration on companion diagnostics—this one to develop universal and modular assay panels for the simultaneous analysis of DNA and RNA biomarkers. The assays will target multiple cellular pathways involved in common cancer types.

The tests — which will utilize Qiagen’s Modaplex platform — will help guide the use of innovative cancer therapies that Lilly is developing.

The earlier collaborations resulted in a companion diagnostic that evaluates blood cancer-causing gene mutations in metastatic colorectal cancer patients.

Qiagen’s KRAS RGQ PCR Kit received 2012 FDA approval as a companion diagnostic to detect KRAS gene mutations in metastatic colorectal cancer patients, and indicates which patients would benefit from a Lilly oncology therapy. The two companies also collaborated on the development of a companion diagnostic that evaluates a blood cancer-causing gene mutation.

The Qiagen Modaplex platform was cleared by the FDA in December 2013. It allows for the analysis of dozens of DNA and RNA biomarkers at the same time, a key need in companion diagnostics, and a technology not offered by any other platform, Qiagen says. — Kellen Owings

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