Rosetta Genomics and Moffitt Cancer Center Partner on Thyroid Cancer Assay

June 9, 2014

Rosetta Genomics, a developer and provider of microRNA-based molecular diagnostics and therapeutics, is teaming with the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., to develop and commercialize Rosetta's thyroid neoplasia assay. 

The assay will join Rosetta’s three other microRNA-based cancer tests for mesothelioma, lung and kidney cancers. 

About four to seven percent of the general population develops nodules in the thyroid that can be felt on examination, the Israeli devicemaker said, adding that fewer than 10 percent are malignant. The standard technique for detecting thyroid cancer is fine needle aspiration.

Rosetta estimates that 500,000 FNAs are performed annually in the U.S., and 740,000 are conducted in Europe. Of those, up to 30 percent yield uncertain results, the company said.

Initial studies of the thyroid neoplasia assay proved that microRNA expression levels can distinguish malignant nodules from benign ones. The study also demonstrated an ability to extract and profile microRNAs from thyroid FNAs in various sample types, the devicemaker said.

Rosetta’s goal is to launch the assay before the end of 2015. — Kellen Owings

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