CE Mark Awarded to Sorin Group’s Crown PRT Heart Valve

July 25, 2014

Cardiovascular devicemaker Sorin Group has launched the Crown PRT heart valve for the treatment of aortic valve disease in the European market, following receipt of the CE mark stamp of approval, the company said Friday.

According to the Milan, Italy, devicemaker, the stented aortic bioprosthesis spares patients the discomfort of lifelong oral anticoagulation therapy while providing a durable, surgeon-friendly design, PRT technology and top-notch hemodynamic performance.

The Crown PRT uses visible markers to ease implantation and improve X-ray visualization, and has a short rinse time, enabling intraoperative handling, the company adds.

Sorin says research has shown that phospholipid reduction treatment decreases the phospholipid content in pericardial tissue, known to calcify bioprotheses, leading to a significant reduction of calcium uptake compared with controls. — Kellen Owings

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