BD Medical’s AutoShield Duo Pen Needle Now Available in Pharmacies

August 11, 2014

BD Medical has launched the BD AutoShield Duo diabetes drug pen needle in pharmacies. Designed initially for hospitals and long-term care facilities, the prescription-only device is now available for at-home use nationwide at major retailers and distributors.

The AutoShield Duo features dual front- and back-end shields that provide greater convenience and safety before and after injecting, according to the Franklin Lakes, N.J.

At 5mm, the pen has one of the shortest needles available, BD Medical Vice President Carl Ward told Device Daily Bulletin, adding that the AutoShield Duo is the only available double-shielded pen — the front shield automatically covers the needle before and after an injection, and the rear shield covers the back end of the needle after injection.

The AutoShield Duo also features audible and visible cues to alert the user when the injection is complete.

The FDA granted 510(k) clearance for the device in July 2011, and, sensing that there may be the potential for home use, BD Medical submitted an application for additional clearance in that market segment, company spokesman Chris Schlenk said. The AutoShield Duo is patent-protected through 2029. — Kellen Owings

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