Medtronic Launches NC Euphora Balloon Dialation Catheter

September 12, 2014

Medtronic last week launched its NC Euphora Noncompliant Balloon Dilatation Catheter, following receipt of FDA 510(k) clearance. The balloon is used to ensure that a stent placed properly to ease the transfer of a drug to the artery wall following the implantation of a drug-eluting stent.

If a stent doesn’t fully expand, it increases the risk of artery renarrowing and the formation of blood clots. The Minneapolis, Minn. devicemaker said the NC Euphora Balloon Catheter includes several valuable features, including:

  • PowerTrac technology that helps guide the catheter through challenging lesions and requires less force;
  • A tapered tip design and low entry profile that improves flexibility and reliable stent re-cross;
  • Low radial growth to reduce unwanted vessel expansion; and
  • Smaller, environmentally friendly packaging.

NC Euphora is the latest in a series of 12 new product introductions planned over the next two years, Medtronic said. — Kellen Owings

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