DePuy Pairs Knee Implant System with Blue Belt’s Surgical Robot

September 18, 2014

Blue Belt Technologies has inked an agreement to support DePuy Synthes’ SIGMA HP partial knee system with Blue Belt’s Navio robotic surgical system. This is the sixth implant system supported on Navio’s open platform software, the Minneapolis devicemaker said.

The Navio system offers CT-free navigation software and a hand-held computer-controlled bone shaping tool, improving the accuracy of implant placement while protecting soft tissue, according to Blue Belt.

The agreement with DePuy continues Blue Belt’s strategy of maintaining an open platform for implants, which lets orthopedic surgeons continue long-standing relationships with implant companies they prefer, like DePuy, said CEO Eric Timko.

A rollout date will be set once the two systems’ design specifications have been integrated, DePuy spokeswoman Mindy Tinsley told Device Daily Bulletin.

The Navio system received FDA clearance in December 2012 and launched the following month. — Kellen Owings

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