Roche Introduces New Fertility Test

September 18, 2014

Swiss diagnostics maker Roche said Thursday it has launched the Elecsys Anti-Müllerian Hormone fertility test in all countries accepting the CE mark.

The AMH blood test can be performed during any day of the menstrual cycle, providing superior results to conventional methods like follicle-stimulating hormone tests, which must be performed during certain times of the cycle, Roche said. It also produces standardized results, which are not achievable with ultrasound, since the assessment of ovarian reserve often depends on the operator or clinic, the company added.

Roche said it will use the AMH test in combination with a recombinant FSH test, which will allow for personalized dosing of human rFSH based on a woman’s specific AMH level — an improved option for couples looking to conceive via in vitro fertilization.

According to the World Health Organization, upwards of 80 million people are affected by fertility issues worldwide. The test is not yet available in the U.S. or Japan. — Kellen Owings

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