FDA Approves Dexcom’s Mobile Communications Device for Continuous Glucose Monitoring

October 21, 2014

San Diego, Calif., devicemaker Dexcom said Monday that it has launched its Dexcom SHARE remote mobile communications device for continuous glucose monitoring in the U.S., following FDA premarket approval.

Dexcom SHARE, which is intended as an accessory to the G4 Platinum CGM System, uses a secure wireless connection to transmit glucose levels to the smartphones of up to five “followers.” The followers — typically a diabetic’s physician or, in the case of a child, a parent — can then remotely monitor the patient’s glucose information, Dexcom says.

The communications system consists of a small cradle device with Bluetooth technology, and an app, which uploads data to a secure server where followers can receive alerts about glucose levels and trends on their iPhones or iPods.

Lori Laffel, chief of pediatrics at Boston’s Joslin Diabetes Center, says Dexcom SHARE will help patients, families and physicians “succeed with their overall efforts to improve diabetes control and prevent both short-term and long-term complications while preserving quality of life.” — Kellen Owings

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