Nephros Obtains 510(k) Clearance for Hospital-Approved Water Filters

October 29, 2014

Nephros, a maker of biological contaminant-removing water filters, said Wednesday that the FDA has cleared its DSU-H and SSU-H ultrafilters for use in hospital settings. The company plans to launch the filters in the coming weeks.

The ultrafilters are a big step in helping healthcare facilities control infection, says Nephros President and CEO John Houghton. They filter bacteria, viruses and endotoxins from EPA-quality drinking water, rendering the water safe for drinking, washing and equipment cleaning. Water from the filters is not, however, a substitute for USP sterile water, the River Edge, N.J., devicemaker says.

Because hospital-associated infections thrive in aging and complex plumbing systems, the facility’s water is treated with the ultrafilters just prior to use, the company adds.

Nephros plans to market the filters to dialysis centers filtering water or bicarbonate, dialysis centers preparing water for hemodialysis, hospitals and healthcare facilities, the military and outdoor recreation facilities and commercial facilities. — Kellen Owings

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