Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and Quotient Limited for Transfusion Diagnostics Pact

January 30, 2015

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics will pay up to $69 million for the rights to market Quotient’s MosaiQ transfusion diagnostics platform, the companies said Friday. The platform, currently in development, aims to improve the matching of patient and donor blood and lessen time to test results, Quotient said.

Under the deal, Quotient will develop and launch MosaiQ, while OCD will sell the product globally for the patient testing market. For the donor testing market, OCD will have rights for the developing world and Japan.

The exclusive agreement includes up to $59 million in regulatory and commercial milestones. OCD will also purchase $10 million in new shares of Quotient.

Martin Madaus, Chairman and CEO of OCD, said MosaiQ’s novel blood grouping approach complements the company’s products and services and promises to bring innovative solutions to the global transfusion diagnostics market. — Kellen Owings