Nurses Develop RNSafe to Verify Bedside Dosing

May 1, 2015

Several nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital have banded together to develop RNSafe, a prototype mobile system designed to help verify bedside medication and doses, taking advantage of an Innovation Acceleration Program grant.

Hospital rules stipulate that when a nurse delivers a complex medication, another nurse must be present to observe and verify the dose. However, retrieving a second nurse on a hectic hospital floor can pose a challenge, which can be further compounded when the nurse has to wear protective gear because the patient’s room contains infection control precautions.

RNSafe works by positioning an iPod camera toward the medication a nurse is dispensing, along with a clear shot of its label, allowing a second “bunker” nurse verify the medication remotely. The second nurse can instant message the primary nurse, as well as document the medication and dose on a dashboard.

RNSafe is in the beta testing phase, with four nurses conducting the virtual check-ups. Developers hope the system will emulate the electronic intensive care unit model, which relies on intensive care specialists to remotely monitor patient data, says project co-developer Jennifer Taylor. — Jason Scott