Vesiflo Previews InFlow Device Ahead of Full Launch

May 18, 2015

Vesiflo is previewing its inflow female urinary prosthesis and accompanying patient support system ahead of a full launch planned for the fourth quarter of this year, the Redmond, Wash., company said Monday. The device received FDA de novo clearance in October.

InFlow is meant to treat women who suffer from impaired detrusor contractility, a condition where they cannot spontaneously urinate because of an inability to generate bladder pressure. IDC usually results from a life-altering neurological disease or injury.

Compensating for this deficiency is where the device comes in. It is designed to replace urinary catheters by physically pumping urine, the company says. Clinical trial results demonstrated that patients using the inFlow enjoyed a lower rate of urinary tract infection and enjoyed a higher quality of life than the current standard of care.

The PSS software features a smart remote control which automatically transmits clinical data to a base station and/or an iOS app. The system can advise users to hydrate more or engage in other bladder-healthy behaviors based on its findings. — Jason Scott