Sorin Group Launches Kora 250 in EU

June 19, 2015

Sorin Group has launched the Kora 250, a new line of full-body MRI-compatible pacemakers, in European markets.

When implanted with Sorin’s Beflex pacing lead, Kora 250 patients can undergo full-body MRI scans for diseases such as arthritis, cancer or stroke, the Italian devicemaker said Friday.

The product also includes advanced therapeutic and diagnostic features to manage comorbidities. Most significantly, SafeR is a pacing mode that manages all types of atrioventricular blocks, using an algorithm that reduces right ventricular pacing, if necessary. The company claims it reduces the risk of heart failure and hospitalization by 51 percent.

In addition, the device’s sleep apnea monitoring software allows screening and management of the disorder, which has been linked to rapid heartbeat and heart failure. — Jason Scott