Joimax Launches EndoLIF On-Cage in U.S.

July 14, 2015

German devicemaker Joimax is launching its EndoLIF On-Cage endoscopic interbody fusion system in the U.S., following receipt of FDA 510(k) marketing clearance.

The titanium alloy cage features a porous surface with diamond cell structure, creating a suitable base for cell proliferation and bone growth, the company said Monday. The device also includes two large openings which can be filled with autogenous bone, meant to bolster straight column creation for fusion.

The product can be used with supplemental posterior fixation systems, the devicemaker adds. An EndoLIF system for posterior lumbar interbody fusion is in development.

A version of the device without the two openings for bone filling is available in Europe. The company is seeking approval for the EndoLIF system in Asia. — Jason Scott