Medtronic to Buy RF Surgical Systems

July 15, 2015

Medtronic said Monday that it will acquire Carlsbad, Calif., devicemaker RF Surgical Systems for an estimated $235 million.

RF specializes in the detection of retained surgical items such as sponges, gauzes or towels. These items, left inside patients after wound closure, can necessitate X-rays and corrective surgeries to remove them, the Irish devicemaker says. If untreated, retained items could cause serious complications.

Under the terms of the deal, Medtronic will gain access to RF’s detection technology which relies on a low radio frequency signal to track and identify retained items through blood, dense tissues and bones.

RF will join Medtronic’s Surgical Solutions division within the Minimally Invasive Technologies Group. Medtronic expects the deal to close next month, pending regulatory approval. — Jason Scott