Abbott Launches iDesign System for Lasik Eye Surgery

July 20, 2015

Abbott has launched its iDesign advanced wavescan studio system for Lasik eye procedures following premarket approval.

The system generates a high-definition scan that measures and maps eye irregularities that could impact vision, and then creates a personalized treatment plan based off these measurements, the Abbott Park, Ill., devicemaker said Monday.

In a multicenter clinical trial, 99 percent of patients experienced little to no difficulty with vision clarity and 97 percent of patients had little or no difficulty with daily activities after surgery, the company claims. Patients also saw significant vision improvement while driving at night and a reduction in glare.

The company adds that the device’s approval means more people may be eligible for Lasik on Abbot platforms, with ophthalmologists able to treat higher levels of patients with nearsightedness and a wider range of pupil sizes.

The iDesign system is already available in China and the EU. — Jason Scott