Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Genomeon Collaborate to Use Genome Technology

August 12, 2015

Cloud Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Genomeon to create precision treatments for cancers and genetic diseases using genome technology.

Genomeon, of Floyd, Va., provides technology that helps identify “microsatellites” — short tandem repeat sequences in the human genome. It also provides target enrichment kits for DNA and RNA sequencing.

Cloud — which employs cloud-based supercomputers and data to discover and develop new drugs — will use Genomeon’s technology to look through sequencing data to identify new drug targets and companion biomarkers, the Research Triangle Park, N.C., firm says.

Once it identifies targets, Cloud will use those biomarkers to design inhibitors to treat genetically influenced diseases.

Genomeon claims it is the first to farm the roughly 1 million microsatellites in the human genome to identify patterns of variation between healthy and diseased individuals. To date, the company has analyzed more than 10,000 genomes. — Kellen Owings