Sanofi Joins Forces with Evotec on Cancer, Diabetes Treatments

August 14, 2015

Sanofi has joined with Germany’s Evotec to develop new treatments for cancer and diabetes, marking the latest collaboration the French drugmaker has announced in recent weeks.

Sanofi is working with Evotec to develop beta cell-modulating diabetes treatments that could reduce or eliminate the need for insulin injections. Under the agreement, Evotec will receive development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments totaling more than $330 million, as well as royalties on net sales.

On Monday, Sanofi announced a collaboration with Evotec and Austrian biotech firm Apeiron to develop treatments for solid and hematological cancers by increasing antitumor activity in the immune system. The partnership — which could reap Evotec and Apeiron more than $220 million in milestone payments, plus royalties — will further strengthen Sanofi’s cancer drug portfolio.

Last month, Sanofi agreed to invest nearly $2.2 billion to develop PD-1 inhibitors and other cancer-fighting antibodies with Regeneron. — Jonathon Shacat